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The Story

Source started as a desire to share the gospel in a creative way.  

Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help God's people is at the center of everything Source does. Source began as a dream of Anna's (pictured left). With a passion for giving, Anna began praying about new ways she could give to those in need, while giving glory to God and sharing his love with others. As God often does, he answered her prayers with a response greater than she could have ever imagined: A line of shirts and lifestyle products with God-honoring, Bible-based phrases that reflected her love of minimalistic style.

God gave her the vision and the name, but with a rambunctious two year old and a baby on the way, Source got sidelined. With the impending arrival of her second, she felt the urgency to launch Source. Anna again turned to prayer. She asked God to introduce her to someone who loved Jesus, would partner with her in her vision for what Source could be, and who loved good design. God sent her that exact person in Lizzy (pictured right). With a similar style, experience in design, and the same love for helping others, Lizzy was the perfect person to partner with. 

What excites Anna and Lizzy the most about Source is how it will enable people to glorify God in the every day. When you wear a Source shirt out to dinner, carry a Source tote to the park, or put your baby in a Source onesie, you're inviting opportunities to have someone ask you about it and to tell them about Jesus. It's these simple, every day opportunities to tell others about Christ that Anna and Lizzy are passionate about. Sharing Christ in the every day.