Who We Are

SOURCE was created to honor and proclaim the Word of God. Our worth is found in the unshakable truth that we were made through Divine Love and are destined to return to that SOURCE of love once again. We pray our products will be reminders of God's truth and that as you connect w/ the SOURCE of truth, Jesus Himself, all of the lies of this world would fade away and you would be filled with the power of His Spirit.

The Babes Behind the Brand


Anna is the Owner and Creative Director of SOURCE. Her vision for SOURCE mirrors her minimalistic fashion sense and deep love for God’s Word. She is also deeply devoted to SOURCE's giving mission [re]SOURCE.


Robbin is our sweet, bubbly Communications Director. She will be answering all of your emails, coordinating giveaways, and building relationships with influencers to spread the word about SOURCE.


Tiara is our Social Media Manager. She has an incredible eye for beauty and an even bigger heart for connection. She loves to interact with all of our followers from around the world through Instagram.


Marissa is our Graphic Designer. She is an impeccable curator of typography and proportion. Marissa collaborates with Anna on all of the designs and has a talent for creating beautiful, clean designs.


Savanah is our Ministry Outreach Coordinator. She has a such a heart for seeing people whole and transformed. She will be reaching out to local missions and heading our giving ministry [re]SOURCE.


Louis is our SOURCE team mascot and the furriest member of the crew. His interests include hunting bugs, flipping his water bowl, and correcting the theology of popular Christian songs.