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“We stand for the proposition that no one with the insight or potential to change the world should be ignored because of her gender, race or previous condition of servitude.” – AnnieCannons Mission Statement

The most soul-satisfying part of running a business that loves to give back, is discovering amazing organizations from all over the world to share a portion of our profits with. When you make a purchase with Source, you’re joining us in supporting great organizations that are doing good and loving others.

AnnieCannons' purpose is to train survivors of sex trafficking with one of today's most lucrative skills: computer programing. Many survivors of the sex trafficking trade are left fighting for ways to make something more of themselves with little to no education or resources. They desperately want out of their situation, but are overcome with the struggle to find a valuable and empowering place in society – two things sex trafficking steals.

The kind people at AnnieCannons stand by these women, and are committed to teaching them a trade that will help them tremendously as they start to rebuild their lives. They find value and worth in these women and are willing to do whatever it takes to support them, by giving them opportunities they might not have had in the past. We encourage you to visit their website for more information, along with ways to donate and/or volunteer.

All that to say, when my sweet friend McKinley Smith came to us and asked if Source would like to support these women, of course we said yes! We were able to provide three graduates with brand-new, stylish outfits for interviews and to jumpstart their professional wardrobes.

By gifting them with something new and beautiful to wear, we are showing them that we love them, believe in them, and are cheering them on in their new life. It's exactly what God the Father does for us: He clothes us in strength and dignity so we can look forward to the the future with hope. He is the one who covers us with his feathers and gives us strength to go on when things get hard. He calls us his beloved and he sees us all as his beautiful, redeemed daughters.

Our prayer for all the women who come out of the program is that they know that Jesus is the SOURCE of redemption, healing , and hope. We pray they feel empowered by His love and grace, that they would feel His strength, and that they would be able to look forward to the future with hope in Christ.

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