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Intentional Acts of Kindness

I had just gotten off a 6 hour flight with two toddlers. You can imagine how relaxing that was! As my husband rushed to pull the car around, I hauled both kids (and their car seats) to baggage claim. With a baby strapped to my back and a tan little preschooler in tow, I hauled SEVEN huge bags off the conveyor belt. One right after the other. I have to admit, I was slightly offended that no one saw me struggling and offered to help.

As I inched toward the pick up area with all seven bags, my indignation grew. All these men standing around and not one offered to help. Ugh! I felt like some kind of super hero as we completed our task. Counting each child and each bag twice to be sure I wasn't missing anything.

It was 12am and I just wanted to get everyone home and off to bed but I had a nagging feeling that I had left something on the conveyor belt. Auntie stayed with kids and I ran back in. Nothing of mine left at baggage claim. Relief. As I turned to meet my husband and get the crew home, something caught my eye. A beautiful woman in a wheelchair.

She was struggling with airport staff to transport her and her bags at he same time. This is what I forgot. It wasn't a bag- it was her! Put down your agenda, Anna. Slow down and look around you. Who needs help? Who needs a smile? Some love. Who needs to encounter God through me?

I walked back to the sweet young lady in the wheelchair. "Do you need some help? An extra set of hands?" I smile and throw up some jazz hands which quickly turned their surprised faces to smiles.

I grabbed her bags and followed them through the airport to the pick up area. They kept saying over and over "You are so kind, thank you so much!" The airport concierge was clearly shaken up.

He kept asking me where I was from- insinuating I must be from somewhere where people are actually kind and helpful. I just responded, "I'm from here, Seattle. And it's really no problem. I just saw you needed help."

By this time, the sweat was dripping down my back- the baby was fussing and I really needed to get back to my crew and start loading my own bags into the car.

"I bet she's a Christian - you're a Christian, huh?" She asked, knowingly.

The words hit me like a wave. Before I had a chance to tell them that it's my GOD who sends me, it's HIM that is loving people through me, she recognized it!

The act was so small, so easy. But it impacted these two. I blurted out, "Of course! The Spirit in me sees the Spirit in you."

The transporter said "What?!?" As I walked away, baby Sloane still strapped to my back, I could hear her explaining to him how she knew I was a Christian by the way I stepped in.

God willing, she was able to share the Gospel with that man. I don't know why she was bound to that chair or what was going on in her life. I don't know what religion that man grew up in or if that was the first time he had ever experienced the God of the Bible and His love in action.

All I know is that I listened to that still small voice and obeyed. God is clearly showing me that He is behind my Intentional Acts of Kindness. This was a simple act of grace but what matters is that it brought glory to God. The glory He deserves. He is so good. He cares so much about His children. He is still moving, still seeking His lost sheep. PRAISE GOD that we get to be a part of that!!

We are not a people set apart to simply enjoy the riches of Christ's love amongst ourselves. We are hand-picked, redeemed, transformed, and empowered to join in the work of our Creator! What an honor.

We are not all called to sell all that we own and become international missionaries. There are people all around us hurting, longing, seeking.

Let's practice starting each day with "God, what do you have for me today?" Practice #intentionalactsofkindness right where you are. In line at the grocery store, with your husband, with someone who is less than kind to you. Share your stories to encourage a movement! Join me in being Kingdom Makers!

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    Anna Sabey
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